What is a music box? More About Music

A music box is a machine that comes in a box. The steel combs have a series of articulated teeth which are extracted by the pins of a rotating disc. The earliest examples of this technology date back to the 9th century in Baghdad, Iraq. The music box machine uses the power of the pins to create the notes. The first examples of this type of technology date back to the 9th century.

What is a music box? 
The first music box was a small boat with a bell and a small drum. Modern music boxes come in a variety of materials, and some models even have metal fittings and bells. The sound created by this device ranges from simple to complex. Regardless of their size, classic music boxes are always considered a treasure. As he became smarter, he used a variety of devices such as cell phones and household appliances.

The music box is made up of music combs with different numbers of variations. Each comb creates a melody when pinched through the cylinder pins. For the music box to work, each pin must be placed in a special way. The resulting sound will vary in tone and volume. The music disappears from your inventory once saved. It disappears if the player dies after closing.

Children Learn Group Work Many music lessons require group work as part of an orchestra or band. In this group, students learn to collaborate and build relationships.
Safety Responsibility: Playing music can cause the same fear as many people who speak in public. In doing so, children learn to recognize risks and face their fears, which will help them realize and reach their full potential.
Promote confidence: Students who play the instrument with the support of teachers and parents can build self-esteem and confidence. Music lessons can also improve students’ communication skills. Music for music for sick children

Put all the benefits of music, it is not surprised that it was used below.

Reduce the suffering of the patient.
Give cases of patients with the ability to represent you without words.
Sing, staying, songs, collect music or listen to music and promote relaxation.
A popularity and a long physical, emotional, emotional and spiritual period, and spiritual aid to improve health health.

Music is corrected as important activities to help children in the hospital.
Music is corrected as important activities to help children in the hospital.

Healing as described in health benefits “, the use of gasoline, the reduction of the rigid heart and remains these symptoms found the most important effect of patients with low decreases, levels of levels”.

Music improves challenge cells that enhance stress, stress, depression and stress. Musical accompaniment and music therapy

Whether you want to help children with special needs, students or children in hospital, there are simple yet effective ways to support music therapy and music.

One of the best ways to encourage children through music and music therapy is to involve them by:

Join in: If your child joins a musician or music teacher, join them while they learn. Monitor non-stop so you can understand the issues your child is facing and see their improvement and achievements at the same time.
Buying music: Buying an iPod and an iTunes card for your kids is a great way to give them unlimited access to songs they can control. They have time to buy songs that make them happy,