Wedding Photography Accessories

There are a ton of accessories designed to make your photographic life easier. Some are a necessity, such as camera bags, a lens cleaning kit, and memory cards.

If you don’t have all these add-ons, you can still capture amazing wedding shots. You’ll get them next time.

You don’t have to buy all the accessories at once, but you will find that the more of these you can afford, the easier your wedding photography workflow will be.

13 Essential Wedding Photography Accessories For Better Photos

There are a few important things you need to think of wedding photography. The more kit you have means the more accessories you need.

Some accessories, such as rain covers and extra Hochzeitsfotograf Erlangen batteries will make your work during the wedding day a little easier.

Some, on the other hand, are an absolute must. You definitely don’t want to get into wedding photography without having a reliable flash and tripod.

While these accessories can provide to be really helpful, you need to calculate them into your budget.

Read our list of important accessories and see which you and your wedding photography could benefit from.

Close up wedding portrait of the couple holding hands

21 Wedding Photography Props You Should Use

To make your wedding photos even more outstanding, there are some props that you can use for special effects.

There are many ideas that are not breaking your budget but still improve your photos significantly.

Some of the tips in the article include using a bouquet for ring close-ups, adding bokeh to the photo with fairy lights, and creating a foreground by using the bride’s veil.

For more tips and tricks, make sure to check out our article!

Close up wedding portrait of the couple embracing

Best Memory Cards for all Photography Budgets – CF | SD | MicroSD

These are important, as they will be saving all of your beautiful images. At the actual wedding, your camera might be set to photograph in rapid succession.

This is called burst mode or continuous high-speed mode. Photographing many images in a short space of time will put your card under stress and pressure.

You don’t want a slow memory card in these circumstances. Here, the camera might stop and need time to go through the 15 images you just shot.

This is the area you can’t save money on. Get the fastest, best memory cards and they will reward you with amazing images.

A camera beside two sd cards

Wedding Photography Lighting

Huge lighting setups like what you have in the photography studio are not an option as they distract the wedding and get in the way.

Using lenses with a fast aperture means getting the most light out of the scene.

Some areas, you might find you can’t use any lights. Generally, off-the-camera flashes such as Speedlites are fine and can be used simultaneously. In other areas, reflectors might help bounce the light back into the image.

Find out what you can and can’t do at the wedding and go from there

12 Wedding Photography Lighting Tips

This extensive article looks at lighting an entire wedding. Going from the dressing to the end of the wedding reception (party!).

There are many different locations throwing different temperatures at you. They will need some thought.

The best way is to scout beforehand. Here, you are looking for light and settings that you need to capture powerful images. You also need to check the weather in the case of an outdoor photo session.

Natural light is a great way to illuminate your subject without too much gear.

Windows are very handy as they add a soft, spread out feel. This light will also be abundant with the outside shots, where you might want to use reflectors.

Speedlites will help fill in dark areas, and freeze motion when people are dancing. Utilize the light, and add where necessary.