Using Facebook To Organise Sponsored Events.

Using Facebook to promote an event or boost a post can help reach many more people than other conventional advertising, and at a potentially lower cost. Facebook can not only facilitate the creation of the event page where all the relevant info about a certain event can be posted, but also can also provide the advertising necessary to reach the target audience of who might want to attend it called sponsorizzata Facebook ads.


Creating the Event.

You can create the event page directly from your own Facebook page. The description, date, time, location, contact info, photos and other important info can all be added at prominent places on the event page so that people are aware of all the details. They can also add the event to their calendar, show their interest in it, purchase tickets, and share it to their network.

Promoting the Event.

Once the event page has been set up with all the necessary information, the next step would be to promote it. This can be done directly from your own FB (business) page, or using Ads Manager.

To promote it by creating an ad from your own page, go to Events, and click “Boost Event”. Here some extra options exist if the event requires tickets to attend. You can optimize the ad by having a “Get tickets” button, or just have an “Interested” button to drive responses. If the event doesn’t need tickets, the ad will default to Engagement mode, showing only the “Interested” button. You can then add the creative photo to the ad, followed by a custom text if desired. The event description is automatically added. After that, you can choose whom the ad goes out to, how long the ad will run for, and how much you want to spend on it. You can also see how well the ad is doing by tracking the conversions the ad gets.

Use Ads Manager so all in a dashboard.

To create an ad from Ads Manager, go there and click +Create. It will run you through similar options where you choose the page and event for which you wish to advertise. You also need to choose “Engagement” for an ad with an “Interested” button, and “Traffic” or “Conversions” for an ad with a “Get Tickets” button. You can paste the URL of the event page into the “Text and Links” section if tickets are sold through the event page. At the end, you can add any additional tracking information as you wish. To get help with properly optimizing your conversions, this website provides a fantastic service to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your advertising buck.

Here are some best practices

to ensure your ad and event are successful:

  • Have an engaging photo album or video that showcases the most inviting aspects of the event, either from a previous event, or from the activity in general
  • Provide a short yet clear enough name that gets the event idea across
  • Add a clear location with a map
  • Include a detailed description and answers to anticipated questions about common issues like parking, tickets, child-friendliness, etc.
  • Make it easy to reserve spots or buy tickets through the “Admission” field
  • Use Custom Audience or Lookalike Audience to target the people most likely to attend