The First Casino Game In History

All this gave a turbulent start to the development of the entire gambling industry in the 18th and 19th centuries in continental Europe. Mass construction of casinos began in Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden in Germany, as well as in the famous Monte Carlo in Monaco. Casinos began to look more like castles than ordinary gambling halls, and the race to attract the wealthiest “gamblers” became fierce.

The situation on the other side of the ocean was much simpler until the creation of Las Vegas began. Bets are placed mainly in old bars, which were not at all friendly places for beginners.

It all started back in 1905. Then a group of railroad workers who were supposed to connect Vegas and the Pacific Coast and other major cities in the region, such as Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, decided they needed to find some fun. They decide to run away from the work routine and have fun. Imperceptibly from entertaining card games, things escalated exponentially and the city was taken over by gamblers, drunks, and prostitutes, but the state authorities quickly managed to put an end to all this debauchery and corruption that raged in the city. Authorities in Nevada banned gambling from 1910 to 1931.

Despite the imposition of such strict restrictions, the authorities have failed to address the problem. Everywhere in bars, restaurants, even basements, tables are taken out and illegal betting is organized, which diversifies the daily life of the working class. This provides a precondition for the development of illegal casinos and the formation of criminal organized groups to run them. As a result, crime and violence increase exponentially.

Nevada’s governing bodies are aware that they cannot deal with the problem and therefore decide that they need to legalize gambling again and regulate it, thus believing that violence and crime will decrease because at that time it has been at one of the highest levels in the entire country.The first legal casino opened only in 1941 and is called Golden Gate. It also opens a hitherto unknown complex called El Rancho Vegas, which offers visitors horseback riding, a swimming pool, dancers, and, of course, brilliant 사설토토  games.