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Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant is an advanced help from Telkomsel dependent on text talk to make it simple for Telkomsel clients. Obviously, there are terms and conditions that should be met in utilizing this help so the ideal thing doesn’t occur. However, prior to talking about it, we will momentarily clarify what Veronika is, its capacities and how to utilize it.

Ask Veronika Telkomsel Virtual Assistant

Telkomsel Virtual Assistant Service is a help overseen by PT. Telekomunikasi Selular (“Telkomsel”), which is expected for Customers who will submit solicitations, grumblings and data about Telkomsel administrations, for example, checking remaining Internet standard, changing Telkomsel POIN, finding the closest GraPARI area, buying bundles, or other data about Telkomsel items and administrations.

The Tanya Veronika Telkomsel tanya veronika asisten virtual Assistant help can be utilized by all clients who utilize different kinds of Telkomsel items, with the exception of kartuHalo corporate clients and extra numbers. To have the option to get to Telkomsel’s Virtual Assistant help, Customers can get to a few texting stages, applications and sites.

Sort of Service Asked by Telkomsel Virtual Assistant

There are 29 existing Telkomsel Virtual Assistant Ask Veronika administrations , including:

1. Regularly Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Dynamic FAQ: FAQ at Telkomsel.com/uphold
  • Programmed investigating: the web couldn’t interface
  • Data on the best way to redesign 4G
  • Voucher data

2. Bundle list (web bundle, voice, SMS)

  • Data on bundle terms and conditions
  • Bundle hot offer data
  • Buy/buy in to bundles
  • Gifting bundles
  • Cover a companion’s postpaid bill
  • Top up a companion’s credit
  • Purchase game vouchers (steam, gemscool, Garena and soon Mobile Legend)

3. View Profile

  • Bundle membership data
  • Remaining credit data
  • Record of loan repayment data for the last 3 time frames
  • Data on excess dynamic bundle amount
  • Data on the measure of current bills and data on past month bills (exceptional)
  • Value plan data
  • PUK data
  • TCare PIN data
  • Bill installment history data
  • Resend ebill for the last 3 time frames
  • Register and change your e-charge address

4. Other Assistance

  • The most minimal GraPARI area data
  • Address data and GraPARI working hours
  • Hold the GraPARI line number
  • Data on the area of the closest counter
  • Live Agent Contact
  • Video call for GraPARI Virtual (just accessible at GraPARI)

5. Data and trade POINTS

6. T-Cash Information

7. Top up credit for paid ahead of time

  • Top up credit utilizing Mandiri KlikPay
  • Top up credit utilizing PermataNet
  • Top up credit utilizing TCash
  • Top up credit utilizing a Visa

8. Cover bills for postpaid

  • Cover bills utilizing Mandiri KlikPay
  • Cover bills utilizing PermataNet
  • Cover bills utilizing TCash
  • Cover bills utilizing a charge card

Access Ask Veronika Virtual Assistant

Right now, the admittance to ask Veronika, Telkomsel remote helper, can be through

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an admittance to discuss for all intents and purposes with Veronika. American informing application and stage created by Facebook, Inc. At first created as Facebook Chat in 2008 and changed its informing administration in 2010. Facebook Messenger was very well known around then with the goal that Telkomsel utilized it as an admittance to ask Veronika, Telkomsel’s remote helper in 2017.

2. WhatsApp Telkomsel Virtual Assistant

The WhatsApp (WA) administration is positively natural as of now since it is utilized by practically all Android and iOS cell phone clients. Telkomsel clients can ask Veronika Virtual Assistant through Chat on WhatsApp with the Telkomsel number gave.

3. LINE application

The LINE application is utilized as an entrance choice for speaking with Veronika. For data, as indicated by Kompas.com , in 2017 there were around 90 million Indonesian netizens utilizing this Japanese visit administration , particularly among teens. Apparently, this figure is practically finding Facebook clients.

4. Wire application

This Telegram visit application has comparable attributes to WhatsApp, even a portion of its clients say there are preferences over WhatsApp, for instance, it is quicker, has little records, has a Bot highlight, obliges enormous documents and numerous gatherings, etc. Accordingly, Veronika can be gotten to through this application.

5. MyTelkomsel application

Veronika is available in the MyTelkomsel application for cell phones which can be downloaded on the App Store for the iOS stage or the google Play Store for the android stage. This self-administration application from Telkomsel will give another and simple client experience for Telkomsel clients. You can top up or take care of bills, look for and enact bundles, check and recover focuses in extremely simple advances.

6. Telkomsel site

Aside from the texting application, Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant can be gotten to through the authority Telkomsel site, specifically www.telkomsel.com. Aside from asking Veronika, on this site there are likewise surveys about Profiles, Contributions, Innovations, Investors, CSR, Careers, Media Telkomsel. Not to fail to remember, there are additionally Telkomsel items and online journals that contain intriguing articles identified with correspondence.

Terms and Conditions of Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant Telkomsel Services

These terms and conditions are an indistinguishable piece of the overall arrangements for items and/or administrations from Telkomsel Services. Thus, clients are urged to likewise intermittently peruse the “Terms and Conditions for Using Telkomsel Products and/or Services” prior to getting to Telkomsel Virtual Assistant Services.

In utilizing the Tanya Veronika Virtual Assistant Telkomsel administration, Customers are not permitted to:

  1. Utilize hostile, obscene, revolting and unscrupulous language when imparting utilizing Telkomsel Virtual Assistant Services;
  2. Malign, compromise, affront, or badger someone else or body;
  3. Spamming the Telkomsel Virtual Assistant Service;
  4. Issue articulations that trigger clash against SARA (nationality, religion and race);
  5. Submitting a security break of the Telkomsel Virtual Assistant help;
  6. Send pictures, recordings, sounds, joins, and/or archives without the authorization of the licensed innovation rights holder concerned;
  7. Send pictures, recordings, sounds, joins, and/or reports that are remembered for the sexual entertainment class;
  8. Illicit admittance to the Telkomsel Virtual Assitant Service;
  9. Giving bogus data that affects the misfortunes of different gatherings;
  10. Just as doing different things that are in opposition to the overarching laws of qualities ​​in the domain of the Republic of Indonesia.

Telkomsel will keep on making acclimations to business elements that may affect changes to these terms and conditions without earlier warning. Clients should comprehend and concur that any infringement that happen in utilizing the Telkomsel Virtual Assistant Service may bring about close to home risk, both crook and/or common, as per relevant legitimate arrangements in the region of the Republic of Indonesia.

End and impeding of Veronika Virtual Assistant Ask Service

  • On the off chance that you give bogus, mistaken, deficient, incorrect data, at that point Telkomsel has the option to suspend or end your admittance to or utilization of the Service.
  • Any infringement of these Terms and Conditions may bring about your admittance to administrations given by Telkomsel being ended.
  • The suspension or end of administration can’t be blamed by the client for not making installments for the administrations he has utilized, the client will be completely liable for all expenses charged for all the administrations he employments.

The terms and conditions contained in this Site are completely dependent upon and deciphered dependent on the laws material in the region of the Republic of Indonesia.

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