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Silesia, Polish Śląsk, Czech Slezsko, German Schlesien, historical location that is certainly now in southwestern Poland. Silesia was originally a Polish province, which turned a possession of the Bohemian crown in , passed with that crown on the Austrian Habsburgs in, and was taken by Prussia. In, at the end of Environment War II, Silesia was on the list of regions of German territory that was granted to Poland through the Soviet Union in payment for land in eastern Poland that was included into your Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Silesia consists largely of the basin with the upper and middle Oder River, which flows from southeast to northwest. The area is bounded from the Sudeten mountains oferty pracy towards the southwest, because of the Beskid selection towards the south, and via the Kraków-Wieluń plateau into the northeast. Silesia is now divided principally into four Polish województwa (provinces): Lubuskie, Dolnośląskie, Opolskie, and Śląskie. The remainder of your historical region sorts Component of Brandenburg and Saxony Länder (states) of Germany and Component of the Moravia-Silesia kraj (region) in the Czech Republic. The chief metropolitan areas in the area are Wrocław and Katowice.

By the ninth century CE Silesia was solely inhabited by Slavic peoples: the Dziadoszanie and also the Bobrzanie from the north along with the Ślęzanie (from whom it received its identify), the Opolanie, plus the Golensicowie during the south. From the tenth century the Czech dynasty on the Přemyslids as well as Polish dynasty in the Piasts contested the territory. Mieszko I, prince of Poland, was ready to obtain the area from Boleslav II, prince of Bohemia, among and . The Polish king Bolesław I consolidated this possession by founding a bishopric in with its seat initially at Smogorzów and afterwards at Wrocław. Subsequent the Loss of life of the Polish king Bołeslaw III in a succession dispute arose that ultimately resulted in Silesia’s getting divided in 1163 into Decrease (northwestern) and Upper (southeastern) Silesia, Every dominated by a Piast prince. A third Silesian principality was designed in . The subsequent princes of Reduce Silesia, Henry I and his son Henry II, attempted with no results to reunite the territory. In Henry II was killed in the Battle of Legnica (Liegnitz), in which his army of Polish and German knights halted an invasion of Mongols who had ravaged the state.

All of the Silesian Piast rulers inspired the immigration of Germans, who amplified the area’s agricultural productivity, created its coal mining and textile weaving, and populated new cities. The inhabitants As a result took on an increasingly German character. As being the Silesian Piasts ended up prolific, the existing principalities were being subdivided over and over, right until by the end on the fifteenth century there have been no a lot less than sixteen Silesian principalities. The petty Silesian princes generally sought the assistance in the impressive kings of Bohemia in opposition to their brothers and cousins, Hence enabling These monarchs to revive their outdated promises towards the overlordship of Silesia. In an arbitral award rendered by Charles I of Hungary assigned all Silesia towards the Bohemian crown, Hence which makes it Component of the Holy Roman Empire. The transform, having said that, was only one of overlordship; the Silesian princes continued to rule their personal principalities, and occasionally they even took positions different from those of the king of Bohemia in crucial matters. Silesia thus joined the Holy Roman emperor Sigismund in his struggle in opposition to the Bohemian Hussites, and Therefore the area was devastated inside the Hussite Wars among and . The Silesians’ alienation in the Bohemian crown enabled Hungary to rule the world concerning. Silesia was subsequently reacquired by Bohemia, having said that, and it passed to the Habsburgs in with the accession with the Austrian archduke Ferdinand (later on Holy Roman emperor Ferdinand I) for the Bohemian throne.

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The Reformation turned Silesia Virtually fully Protestant, and Silesia aligned itself with Protestant Bohemia and Saxony in rebellion from the Habsburgs during the Thirty Several years’ War (forty eight). Continue to, the Silesian Protestants were confident freedom of worship once the war. From the  century Silesia’s flourishing mining and textile industries experienced built it the richest of the many Habsburgs’ Austrian provinces. It absolutely was chiefly its prosperity that tempted Frederick II (The good) of Prussia to wrest Silesia in the Habsburg heiress Maria Teresa in the War with the Austrian Succession. Following Prussia’s victory, Austria retained only the Silesian districts of Krnov (Jägerndorf), Opava (Troppau), and Cieszyn (Teschen), which constituted Severe south-southeastern Silesia. These districts were united to Moravia till and afterward manufactured a independent crown land in the Austrian Empire. The Silesian Germans and Protestants welcomed Prussian rule, which brought a far more successful administration and terrific awareness to your region’s economic growth. Expanded coal, iron-ore, lead, and zinc mining and producing in time manufactured Silesia the 2nd most important industrial area in Germany.

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