Online marketing trends to watch in 2021

Coronavirus pandemic has influenced every aspect of human life. 2020 has been a strange year that has changed the way content was consumed online. The digital marketing strategies which were widely used in the past are irrelevant today. Consumer priorities have changed which indicates that it’s high time for digital marketers to update their online marketing strategies.

Online marketing for 2021 depends upon two contradictory concepts including:

  •         General humanization
  •         Personalization of content to suit individuals

Your online marketing strategy for 2021 should be created to address real issues. It should be all-inclusive and created to boost personal engagement. You also need to take a mobile first approach by offering mobile apps or mobile friendly websites. Tailoring content to suit each segment of the market is more technical than it was in the past. It requires you to fine-tune the structure of your marketing campaigns and Search Engine Optimization. You also need to consider how your audience’s priorities have been changed to update your online marketing strategy accordingly.

In this article, we will discuss some of the hottest online marketing trends you need to hop onto in 2021. So without further delay let’s get to the details.

  1. All-inclusivity:

Your online marketing strategy needs to be more inclusive than ever before. Today, people are more culturally aware. For them, an optimistic depiction of equality matters the most. That’s especially true if you are dealing with a younger audience.

Your online marketing strategy needs to cater to marginalized groups. They make a big chunk of the audience you sell to. You would miss on big sales opportunities if your marketing strategy fails to cover all communities.

Homogenous content, most brands are accustomed to, is a thing of the past. It’s time for them to revise their online marketing strategy to ensure it represents every marginalized group.


  1.     Featured snippets & no-click based SEO:

In the past, the goal of search engine optimization was to list a website on top of search results. This trend is going to change with the New Year on its way. Brands will be optimizing their content to achieve more visibility in “position zero” rather than “position one”.

Google’s Featured Snippet is also referred to as position zero. In 2021, featured snippets and no-click based searches are going to be one of the most important SEO trends. As compared to other search entries, featured snippets work differently.

It addresses the user’s question without having them click on the link to open the website. That’s why it is also referred to as “no-click search”

  1. Environmentalism:

Similar to inclusivity, sustainability is another trend to be followed while creating online marketing strategies. Today, people are more passionate about environmentalism than ever before. For them, the brands they are following and purchasing from must be sustainable in their practices.

More than 81% of consumers believe that companies should play their part in improving the environment. That’s the reason why sustainable and eco-friendly brands are doing much better than those which don’t follow eco-safe practices.

To excel in today’s digital market; brands need to broadcast their sustainable practices online. It can serve as a great marketing tool for converting an eco-aware audience.

  1. Block ad-blockers:

Brands need to overcome obstacles that prevent them from effectively marketing their business. One of these obstacles is ad-blockers. It is expected that 27% of internet users will use ad-blockers in 2021.

For most marketers, these ads are the primary stream to connect with their intended audience. The brands that rely on PPC campaigns to promote their business will be the most affected.

To overcome this challenge, they need to update their online marketing strategy. It’s time for them to adapt to better and more effective online marketing approaches.

It is hard to convince your potential consumers to change their preferences. It is you who needs to revise and readjust your marketing strategy and budget to consumers’ preferences. You need to come up with ways to run more fruitful campaigns, for example, influencer marketing.

If your target audience consists of Gen Z, display ads won’t work in your favor. You need to switch to the tricks the younger audience responds well to.


Upgrade your online marketing strategy if you want to excel in today’s digital market. Focusing your online marketing strategy on the above-mentioned trends will bring fruitful outcomes.

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