How To Evaluate A Website Or Company

The word Website appears first in the title of this composition because, especially in the

. home grounded business and network marketing diligence, you’ll frequently be dealing

. with an individual Webpage or Website as opposed to a large company. That Website

might be the independent representative runner of a representative, or it could be an

. singly developed runner operated by an entrepreneur.


Indeed if you’re looking at a Webpage that’s possessed by a company, frequently you will

. have to go no further in the evaluation process to rule out a particular Website or

occasion. Also, only if the Website passes your tests, do you go on to estimate

. the company and occasion.


Please realize, also, that this composition doesn’t really address the issues involved in

. assessing the occasion side of a company, or completely assessing the company and

. occasion combined. On the Homepage appears a 13- point

criteria developed out of two decades of experience with assessing business

openings. The interpretation on the Homepage is only an overview, but a more

. complete interpretation of what to look for will appear soon in the form of a new composition.


One other point before we really get started, is that this composition isn’t concerned with

. aesthetic issues. Granted, there are certain, “ generally accepted Web design

. practices,” some of which will be talked about then. Still, just because a

. Website uses a certain type of plates, or maybe a wild color scheme (or a boring

. one), does n’t mean that it ca n’t offer good content or openings. There are just

too numerous factors having to do with particular preference for these to be considered a

major factor for the purpose of this composition.


Ok, with that said, then are some of the effects that you should be looking for when

. assessing a Website or a company


  1. Is the MAIN Website directly accessible via a URL ( Web address) that nicely

makes sense?

Let me incontinently point out that simply because a URL ends with a name analogous to

one of the exemplifications above that does n’t mean that the Website is n’tlegitimate.However,

,If.for case, you’re reading this composition directly on the Website

rather of in my dispatch newsletter, also it ends with a name that’s turned onto the

. main Web address how to start a payment processing company  It’s enough standard practice in the assiduity to

add forward gashes and fresh directories, flyers, and/ or runner names to the

. right of the main URL.


Still, IF you can not abolish those redundant characters to the right and directly access

. the Website with just the portion that ends in. com, or. net, or. biz, or. ws,etc., that

. may be cause for concern. Numerous Websites direct callers to runners that are n’t the

main Homepage. Still, if you ca n’t get to the Website’s main Homepage, again,

. that may be cause for dubitation. Business Websites are each about selling a

product or service, so any normal Website proprietor would generally want to make sure

. that their Homepage is accessible to any and all callers.