Get Organized For College What to Do Before It Starts and Living On Lot-What To Bring With You

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Particulars you may want or need to bring with you.


School Inventories


Paper, scrapbooks

. Highlighters, labels

. Pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners

. White out, white out vid

. Paperclips, binder clips

. Calculator/ scientific calculator


Book light


Audio archivist


Post-it tabs/ runner labels

Laptop with carrying case and cooling station

Wireless mouse

USB flash drive/ memory stick

Stapler, masses

. Printer, essay/ color, printer paper

. Paper shredder

Indicator cards


Prints, envelopes

. Flyers, binders

. Food Inventories


Implements, fryer safe plates and coliseums

. Food

Spectacles, mugs, coffee mugs, trip mug, water bottle

. Can/ bottle nature

Bag clips, food storehouse holders

. Coffee maker

Small refrigerator


* Check with your council for rules and regulations regarding appliances and with any possible roommates to see if they plan on bringing one or further of these particulars.




Sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, films, socks, undergarments

. Lurkers, shoes, thrills, sandals

. Raincoat, downtime fleece, headdresses, gloves, scarf, marquee

. Bathrobe, slippers, pajamas

. Sportswear, swimsuit, drill clothes

. Laundry


Pocket (folding bones are best)


Laundry soap, fabric quieter, stain way

. Iron, ironing board

. Drying rack

Fur comber

Sewing tackle

Personal Products


Apkins, wash cloths, hand apkins

. Nail clippers, nail train

. Shower bin, cleaner holder, shower shoes

. Hand/ body embrocation, cosmetics

. Shampoo, conditioner, nippers, body cleaner, Q-tips

. Apkins, restroom paper

. Hair teetotaler, entwining iron/ straightener

. Hair spray/ gel, hair ties

. Toothbrush w/ cover, toothpaste, mouthwash, goo

. Contact, contact results, spectacles

. Specifics ( tradition & over the counter), vitamins

. Sunblock, bug spray

. Drawing Inventories


Handheld vacuum

Small broom & dustpan

Waste handbasket, scrap bags

. Paper apkins

Room deodorizer

All- purpose cleanser

Air cleaner

Drawing bloodsuckers

Dish drainer, dish cleaner

. Restroom encounter, restroom cleanser

. For the Bed


Bed wastes, mattress pad and cover

. Comforter, robes

. Pillows & Pillow cases

Bedside bin

Bed lifts

Alarm timepiece

** Check with your council to see what size you’ll need (most probably,extra-long twin).




Organizers for the office, snuggeries, closet,etc.

Under the bed storehouse holders

Hooks (Command Brand strips are great and reduce damage to walls)

Luggage for traveling back and forth (those with bus work out best)



Digital camera

Music with music playing device

Television w/ remote, Television stage, DVD player, pictures

. Dorm décor



Sot abolish board, labels or bulletin board, push legs

. Cell phone, room phone, contact list

. Beacon, light bulbs, flashlight

. Addict

Office, bookcase, president

. Laptop accessories, cinch for laptop

. Mirror ( full length and hand held)

Duct vid

Noise cancelling headphones/ earplugs

Tool tackle

Area hairpiece (withnon-slip pads if necessary)

First aid tackle

Lockable train press and/ or bandbox


Extension cords, appendages, dishes, swell defenders

. Batteries