Enjoy Dubai’s Popular Summer Months Get Apartments for Sale in City Walk

Are you looking for the best apartments for sale in city walk Dubai? You are at the right place! In this article I will highlight on a few of the most sought after apartments for sale in Dubai. Whether you are a resident or just visiting the city, these apartments will suit all your needs and budget. The list includes some of the best property developments in the city.

If you are looking to make an investment, one of the best apartments for sale in city is Dubai Gold. It has been built by the world famous architect Zayed bin Sultan Al-Khalili and is a result of his association with the American real estate giant, Johnson & Johnson. Located on the second floor of a building that also houses a children’s day care center and a fitness club, you will hardly find anything more beautiful.

Located in the Al-Wasi Road area, Burj-Al-Arab is an attractive development for those planning to make an investment in an apartment for Sale in Dubai. Set in an ancient Arab century structure, the building features century-old arched colonnades, elaborate tiled roof and exquisite woodwork. It is a Dubai hotel but unlike many others it was not built in the famous “mall” model. The apartments in city walk are tastefully designed with contemporary interiors. The building provides splendid sightseeing opportunities and recreational activities to its residents.

Another highly recommended Apartment for Sale in City is the Madinat Jumeirah. It is constructed on stilts because the soil slopes towards the Arabian Sea. This low-rise apartment complex was designed by world renowned architect Fazal Maqdis and is considered a monumental masterpiece of Islamic architecture. It offers spectacular sea views and is conveniently located just beside Ibiza beach. You will be close to everything in the city.

If you love shopping and would like to buy something practical to use while on Dubai holiday, then you should look at the Al-Wasi Bazaar. This souk is home to traditional carpets and furniture and has a number of outlets selling electronic gadgets, electrical equipment, clothing and some really attractive souvenirs. Most of the items are priced well below what you would pay at home. The apartments for sale in city walk dubai of this souk come with either furnished apartments or unfurnished apartments. There are many restaurants, clubs, bars and other amenities for your stay.

Located on the south of the city near Doonbeel Road, Jumeriah Beach offers luxurious accommodation right in the middle of Dubai. The architecture here is very distinctive and each resident gets the pleasure of living in one of the seven historical emirates that have ruled over Dubai since the past century. The apartments for sale in this locality are a mixture of modern and traditional UAE buildings. It has its own water tower and clock tower. It also has a beach that is surrounded by a strong security wall.

Jumeriah Beach has many restaurants, bars and resorts as well as Dubai hotels. The cuisine served here is unique and you can expect to find it spicy, sweet and sour. You can get all kinds of international food from Indian to Chinese and even more. You can have your breakfast in a restaurant or opt to sit down at a resort table and enjoy some local alfresco dining. The locals are extremely friendly and always willing to help a tourist in need. Jumeriah Beach is also an ideal place for families and groups of friends who want to spend a few days enjoying the natural beauty of the area around Jumeriah.

If you have no time for sightseeing during the day, then the only thing you need to do is to check out the Dubai Shopping Festival that usually takes place during the month of June. Thousands of people from all over the world come to Dubai to buy gifts and accessories. During this festival, you will be able to purchase items like jewelry, clothes, furniture, electronics, sports equipment, accessories and much more. All these and more are available for you to buy when you find penthouses for sale in Dubai.