Could it be Achievable To Get Out in the Friend Zone? – A Way Out For Guys

Countless guys have found themselves having to ask the unfortunate question: “Is it possible to get out of the friend zone?” On the bright side, the answer to this question is definitely a resounding “yes.” However, once a woman THE 60 SECOND ZONE has already branded your forehead with the friend stamp, that is pretty much all she is going to see when she looks at you. Getting into the friend zone with a female romantic interest of yours is something you want to completely avoid like the plague because it is one of the most difficult places to escape from once you’re in it. I like to describe the process of escaping the friend zone as an “emotional prison break.”

There are two major reasons why guys fall into the friend zone and a lot of times, these reasons are usually working in conjunction with each other. The first one: not establishing enough physical contact with the woman early on. In other words, failing to break the physical barrier so much so that when you do decide to try and get a little more intimate, it doesn’t seem as foreign and awkward to her. This initial contact can be something as simple as touching her shoulders or hands when talking to her, the occasional high five, an excuse to hug her and so on – you get the idea.

The second reason: skipping the stage of attraction with a woman all together. By this I mean guys jump straight into building solid rapport with a woman without having instilled some form of intrigue and curiosity in the woman. This instilled intrigue and curiosity in the woman is ultimately what makes her attracted to you. If you skip this and go straight into deep conversation early on, what you’re doing is cutting off the opportunity to build attraction by being light hearted, playful and fun.

As mentioned earlier, the good news is that although it can be tough, you very well can get out of this dreaded zone. There’s really only a few ways to truly get out of the friend zone but I’ll discuss one that is extremely powerful.

What you have to do is make use of the things that attracts women in the first place. It comes down to making the woman with whom you’re in the friend zone, completely reconsider how she views you. You absolutely have to make her realize that there is a lot more to you than just “Mr. nice guy.” One of the best ways to do this is to make her see that other women are attracted to you. To explain this in a nutshell, women are attracted to pre-selection. If you can directly demonstrate to her that other women are attracted to you, I promise you at the very minimum that her perception of you will flip like a switch.

What if you just can’t get out of the friend zone?

I know how hard it can be to make a woman with whom you’re in the friend zone realize how much more you could be to her. However, if you really want to make her see you as more than just a friend, you’ll have to learn a method that works amazingly well.



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