Computer Equipment Moving Why AirGlide (R) Is Your Smoothest Move

Whether you need to move Servers, Data Centers or server rack movers across the street or across the country has the equipment and expertise to easily, safely and securely complete your project. Just ask any of our thousands of satisfied clients.

And yes, we are fully insured for liability and high value IT cargo unlike most moving companies. No service we provide is ever outsourced!

Moving your office can be complex and expensive, especially when you consider the possibility of losses due to outfit damage. Unfortunately, numerous businesses make the mistake of trying to move computers and electronics with other office particulars. Inaptly packing and moving computer outfit like this generally comes with a hefty price label. To avoid the expansive cost of form and relief, it’s imperative that your association work with an educated computer outfit moving company that uses a system designed for this type of relocation.

AirGlide ® Moving Systems Are the Future of Office Moving

Several office moving companies do a good job of shifting most office particulars. But numerous warrant the processes and moxie demanded to cover your association’s precious outfit from damage. As the Gold Standard in computer outfit moving, the AirGlide ® system protects indeed the most delicate of particulars so you can be sure everything arrives at your new office as good as new.

AirGlide ® uses multiple preventative way to keep your computer outfit safe and secure during the moving process, including
• Belting each piece of computer tackle similar as observers, waiters, and printers with ananti-static, heavy hand bubble serape
. • Numbering all of the pieces so they arrive at the new position in the applicable groups
• Locking down the outfit in technical wagons and belting them to help interior movement
• Lading and transportation by a trained transport to insure a smooth lift to the new office

AirGlide ® is also ideal for hospitals and medical centers that need to move sensitive laboratory outfit in addition to waiters, printers, and other computer tackle.
Hire an Endured Computer Outfit Moving Service

Although it’s extremely effective, AirGlide ® alone is not enough to cover your precious particulars. You also need to hire a estimable office moving company that’s professed in every aspect of office relocations. A estimable transport is one that
• Performs thorough background checks on all workers
• Provides expansive training for its platoon that includes technical instruction for moving computer outfit
• Is certified, clicked, and ensured for commercial moving
. • Uses the rearmost moving technologies and secure chain-of- guardianship procedures
• Can give witnesses and has a track record of office moves analogous to yours

You’ll also want to work with a computer outfit moving company that offers decommissioning for your obsolete technology. It’s premium to move outfit your association no longer needs and it can be a hassle to handle the destruction process yourself. Some professional moving services can triple-drill your hard drives or offer DOD-approved double-swipe data junking so that your company’s information is noway at threat once the particulars have gone through the disposal process. They can also shoot your decommissioned computer outfit to a recycling installation to complete your green relocation.
Computer Moving Experience Matters

Still, the safe transport of your computer outfit will be at the top of your list, If your office is planning to dislocate. As you vet implicit office carriers, remember to bandy their procedures for moving this sensitive outfit.