Catch Up On A Certain Result – Sports Betting

The classic version of this strategy presupposes the high competence of the bettor: he is well versed in this sport, knows the peculiarities of leagues and teams. Also, when using the “catch-up” method at 유로88, you need to conduct a thorough analysis of each fight in order to win the next bet. But the main difficulty lies in a series of possible failures, due to which the bankroll will be lost. The player simply will not have money left for ten consecutive bets. After all, you will have to double the amount of each new bet.

Choosing a bookmaker

The choice of a bookmaker will also be important, because each has its own odds and events. First, you need to decide what kind of sport you are interested in, what tournaments and types of bets. Many betters mainly focus on the size of the margin and the odds, because it is no secret that in different offices the difference for the same sporting events can reach tenths.

However, “Dogon” has an alternative variation. In it, sports bets must be made for a certain result. For example, there can be multiple bets on TB made within 15 minutes of a football meeting with 벳무브. Bookmakers give a good coefficient for a goal scored in this period (minimum – 2.1). Here the bettor needs to find a match where the probability of goals will be high. Then the player repeats the bet on the scored ball in another segment. When a goal is scored, you can move on to another event. Possible results of one day: bankroll increase several times. It all depends on how correctly you choose the events.


The model will be especially useful for beginners who prefer to bet on minimum odds. The system allows you to make the initial amount several times higher. This requires several consecutive bets. For example, one hundred rubles can be turned into two hundred by accepting five bets at the odds of 1.15. The likelihood of success in this case is quite high.

However, the likelihood of losing is also high. You can minimize the risks by reviewing the data on the matches of the selected day in advance. In addition, you can bet on live sports . Suppose, by the end of the first half, one of the clubs is ahead of the opponent in terms of indicators, and the bookmaker gives a coefficient of 1.12 for his success in the meeting. You can safely bet taking into account the handicap formed in the account.

Possible results: with ten successful consecutive bets at a coefficient of 1.2, the starting budget of the bet increases by 5-6 times.