Better emotional health from playing video games

A study at North Carolina State University showed that seniors regularly played video games or even sometimes reported better overall emotional well-being. A survey of 140 people aged 63 and over showed interesting results that carers want to use to care for their own families. You can read more about best Digital games for xbox

Study results
Those who participated in the study were asked how often they played before receiving a series of tests. Approximately 61 percent of respondents said they play occasionally, while 35 percent can play at least once a week. The results of the study showed better benefits for those who did not play video games. Those who say they are not playing are more likely to experience more depression and feel more negative emotions.

An article from the study “Successful aging through digital games: Socio-emotional differences between older adult players and non-players” was published in “Computers in Human Behavior”. The research was supported by the National Science Foundation. The authors of the paper include Dr. Anne McLaughlin, Assistant Professor of Psychology at NC State, Dr. Maribeth Gandy of the Georgia Institute of Technology and NC State Ph.D. students Laura Whitlock, Amanda Trujillo and Landon LaPorte.

According to Dr. Jason Allaire, a professor of psychology at NC State and lead author of an article describing the results of the study: “Research published here suggests that there is a link between gambling and better well-being and emotional functioning.” We are now researching plans to see if playing digital games can really improve the mental health of older people. ”

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Further research on seniors and video games
Research has shown an increase in the number of seniors playing games online. For example, PopCap Games conducted a customer survey, which found that 76 percent of players were women. Seventy percent are over 40 years old, while almost half (47 percent) are over 50 years old. PopCap Games is the maker of Bejeweled, a popular game among seniors.

According to research, complex strategy games have benefits for mental health. Games like Rise of Nations can help improve memory and thinking. Playing these games will train your brain to focus on other parts. The key is to improve the game and learn through it. Ezriel Kornel, MD, of Brain and Spine Surgeon in New York County, Westchester County, says that new synapses form between neurons in the brain as they learn something, and these compounds can be used in other situations.

According to Anne McLaughlin, the type of game that is played will affect the benefits of the older experience. Not all games offer the same benefits. Although gaming skills improve, they do not always translate into outdoor activities. McLaughlin said that unknown games have the highest advantage. “Brand new tasks create new pathways in your brain,” he says. New and challenging seems to be the right combination for people to see the effects, instead of games that are challenging but familiar.

Some games offer specific mental benefits, while others focus on the physical aspects as a fun thing. For example, the recent release of The Beatles: Rock Band focuses, at least in part, on seniors and the elderly and promotes physical activity. Other games, such as Brain Age, focus more on improving memory and improving visual recognition skills. The ability to concentrate and think fast is important in speed games such as time-limited ones, while many strategy games require critical thinking.

This research tells carers and their loved ones that video games can have many benefits for improving the emotional health of an elderly person. Once they find a game they like, the rewards of playing can go beyond breaking their latest competition record and can be demonstrated by progress in other areas of human life.