Best games for kids

A good board game can keep anxious kids occupied for hours, not to mention help them enhance their critical thinking skills, whether they’re at home or in the classroom. While we’ve previously written about a variety of games and activities, including the best four-player board games, two-player board games, and adult board games, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest board games for kids, as rated by เกมน่าเล่น most enthusiastic reviewers.

Connect four games:

The classic board game Connect 4 has received five stars from over 40,000 reviewers. Many buyers praise how simple it was for their children to learn and comprehend how to play, as well as how quickly a game can be completed. One reviewer comment, “As a busy parent of three kids, it’s difficult to coordinate all I have to get done while still getting in quality time with my children.” “It’s short enough that I can play a few rounds and then leave the kids to play with each other while I clean or do something else.” Many parents reminisced about their childhoods as well. “This is the same traditional game I used to play as a kid, and now I can play it with my kids,” one user says.

Rattlesnake Jake:

Rattlesnake Jake is wrapped around a mound of gold nuggets, and players must snare each one. But beware: his rattling grows louder, and finally, he strikes, reclaiming his treasure! Parents mentioned their family enjoyed the game’s intrigue and how everyone was taken aback when Jake struck.

Gnomes at night:

Move the gnomes on each side of this stand-up maze in a timed round with a partner. Avoid colliding with walls and rack up as many points as possible. Because the pieces are magnetic, they will detach if you and your teammate move in opposite directions. It has four different vertical mazes to keep things interesting.

Slap ninja:

Choose one of the following players: You play as either a ninja master or a student, and your goal is to prevent your student from stealing a coin from your palm (using the game’s karate-chopping hand, of course). You can also play as a student and try to snare the coin. But, whoever you pick, keep in mind that whoever loses three times in a row will be zapped!

Cheeky butt:

It’s a mix of hot potato and match games, with players racing to collect animal cards and place them in their proper matching trays. The cards are attractively designed, and the game challenges pattern recognition and fine motor coordination.

Among us:

This mobile manipulation game, which was first introduced in 2018, waited patiently until 2020 to strike. With everyone trapped indoors, Among Us gave the ideal opportunity for people of all ages to socialize online while also adding a splash of fun stress. You and your buddies take on the role of crew members on a spaceship, doing various tasks. At least one player, however, is entrusted with assassinating the others in secret, and the victims must be seen through the lies before it’s too late. Who says you can’t have a good time while you’re paranoid?